♍ Virgo season ♍

August 23 – September 22

Hello dearest Virgo! Let me dish a bit about, well, YOU.

Now is the time to do you, honey. If that means a new haircut – amazing. If it means cutting ties with toxic people – very tough, but so worth it. This may be a tricky transition for you because you’re always trying to achieve perfection (of course Beyoncé is a virgo). You’re very critical of yourself; try to step outside of your own head and see that you’re actually doing great 💖

Seek out a personal space to reflect and be alone with your thoughts. If anyone in your life is bothered by this.. too bad! Take the time & space you need.

Virgos we love: Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz, Melissa McCarthy & Blake Lively

Dress like a Virgo: Shades of green and blue look fab. Black staple pieces like the perfect pair of trousers or a blazer look amazing on you, too. Virgo style is typically uncluttered – you’re not big on accessories. When you do wear jewelry, it’s often a basic chunky piece made from silver elements.

Happy birthday Virgos!

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