Water is something that we in North America take for granted. It’s always been available, we’ve always used it and consumed it, and we can’t imagine it not being there. But think about this: there are 2.1 billion people that live without safe drinking water. This affects their education, health, and overall livelihood. When we neglect or harm our environment, we’re jeopardizing sources of water that the world needs to survive.

Our team is very proud that, along with the support of Plan International & its partners, the Ardene Foundation contributed to a $29,000 donation! This will help bring clean water and reduce thousands of preventable deaths in dozens of communities in the developing world. Help drive change by donating here. Making a BIG difference is about acting responsibly on an individual level. Each of us needs to make small changes in our daily routine; that’s what will bring the big change we so desperately need.

Here are 10 easy ways to save water.

1.Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth! You’ll save 10 liters per brushing.

2.Turn off the tap while you wash your hands. That’s another 20 liters (or more!) per day saved.

3.Take shorter showers. Set an alarm to help you! Showers can use between 6 and 45 liters per minute.

4.Always use full loads in your washing machine & dishwasher.

5.Don’t use the permanent press cycle on your washing machine. The setting uses an added 18 liters of water for the extra rinse.

6.Collect the water you use while rinsing fruit & vegetables. Use it to water houseplants, or for any of your household chores.

7.Designate one glass to drink out of each day, or refill a reusable bottle. This dramatically cuts down the number of glasses to wash. This one was a huge realization for me.

8.If you’re handwashing dishes, fill up the sink with water instead of letting the tap run the whole time.

9.Fix any dripping taps ASAP. A dripping tap can waste 15 liters of water a day.

10.Buy local. The further food travels to get to you, the more water is used. When you buy local, you’re reducing water waste from the supply chain. You’re also supporting your local economy, win-win!

All facts from Stats Can  & Canada.ca.

Happy World Water Day! Please take the time today to reflect on your actions, and see how you can make these small changes to be part of the big difference!

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