10 self-care ideas that take 10 mins or less

Self-care is the most personal practice, so it makes sense that we all have a unique definition of what it means. You can see our definition here.

When I first discovered self-care, just two years ago, I thought it meant treating yourself to a Swedish massage or applying a luxe serum to your face before bed to ensure you wake up glowing. But self-care has nothing to do with your disposable income, and everything to do with loving yourself and showing your body, mind & soul that you are here to take care of it.

That’s why I’ve created this list of 10 easy & cheap (or free 🙌) self-care ideas to work into your practice now.

1.Go outside & get a coffee.

2.Do something creative. It can be anything – have a photo shoot with a friend, or find a DIY on Pinterest that speaks to you.

3.Burn sage around your house; it’s known to purify the air, reduce stress, help with fatigue, and more.

4.Listen to your favourite music.

5.Read a chapter from a book and make your favourite tea.

6.Collect a bag of stuff you don’t need anymore, and bring it to a donation centre.

7.Make infused water to sip on all day.

8.Do yoga. You don’t even have to pay for a class at a studio, you can play a Youtube tutorial. There are tons of great ones.

9.Diffuse essential oils in your favourite scents.

10.Learn how to make a new recipe. Personally, I’m going to try out a turmeric latte recipe this weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes

AND we have another sweet #selfcarefriday contest 💖 We’re giving away 1 of 10 $50 gift cards.

This week, it’s all about treating yourself – buying that little something that makes you feel like the QWEEEEN you are. Enter to win!

Good luck girl 💛

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    Amazing post !! Self-care rituals are so vital for your sanity .
    More self love and self care xox

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