30 day self-care challenge (plus a contest)

At first, it can be difficult to make time for self-care in your daily routine. Once you do, you’ll see how worthwhile it is, and tbh you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

For those babes who feel they never have enough time, we made this list of 10 self-care ideas that take 10 minutes.

Experts say it takes 20-30 days to cultivate a habit. If you’re anything like me, you need a challenge to kickstart a new habit. A winter staycation is a perfect opportunity to start practicing self-care.

If you commit to this 30-day self-care challenge, you’ll feel a shift in your confidence, and you’ll feel grateful for everything you have.

PLUS, keep scrollin’ for today’s Insta contestĀ šŸŽ

1.De-clutter your home

All of us have stuff in our house that we totally don’t need. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, books, anything at all – donate it to a nearby shelter!

2.Unplug from social media

Your eyes and your head will so much better. Even after just 24 hours off.

3.Do yoga

Pop on a YouTube tutorial and start stretching. Light candles for a nice mood.

4.Commit to a full day of clean eating.

Ideally, this would be every day, but the best way to start is with one full day. Get it going! Eat your veggies.

5.MakeĀ fruit infused water

6.Create a bucket list

Write down your short and longterm bucket list. It can be things you want to do, and places you want to travel.

7.Clean up your Instagram feed

Unfollow accounts that makes you feel bad. You should only be following those who make you feel motivated and inspired!

8.Try a new physical exercise

9.Have a long shower or bubble bath

10.Create a new evening routine to unwind

11.Do something creative

12.Bake something

We made these holiday biscotti cookies. Try ’em out.

13.Call a friend.

In a world where everyone texts and chats, it’s so nice to have a quick chat with your pal.

14.DIY a beauty product you would normally buy

We made this lemon raspberryĀ lip scrub, with just 4 ingredients.

15.Meal prep for the week.

16.Get flowers for your house.

17.Cook an amazing meal for yourself

Have a little scroll on Pinterest, and pick out somethin’ tasty.

18.Wear your best outfit

There’s no time like the present. Bust out that killer look.

19.Walk outside

Fresh air scientifically

20.Watch an inspiring TED Talk

21.Do something you’ve been putting off (for too long)

22.Drink green tea in the morning, instead of coffee

23.Create a gratitude list

In a notebook, or even in an iPhoneĀ note, write down what you’reĀ grateful for.

I can think of three of the top of my head – my co-workers, coffee (duh) and Fall weather.

24.Volunteer for a cause that matters to you.

25.Explore a neighborhood with a friend where you’ve never been

26.Make a vision board for your room, work desk, or studio.

27.Plan a coffee date.

28.Take yourself window shopping, or to a museum

29.Unsubscribe from all those emails you don’t want

30.Commit to watching a sunrise, and a sunset.

This is a huge mood enhancer and something we all take for granted.

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Good luck babe!

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