4 life tips every girl needs to know

We’re all out here doing our best and learning as we go. We get advice from all directions – friends, parents, coworkers, Instagram. Sometimes it can be a lot. Here are 4 things that will always be true. This will help you to work on the person you want to become. 

1.You are what you consume 

This is more than the old saying “you are what you eat”. What you read, who you follow on Instagram, what TV shows you watch – all of these things make you who you are. 

Start only consuming things that better you’re life. Read something non-fiction, eat more plants, and watch documentaries about subjects you know nothing about. 

2.Caring for yourself is key

Similar to what you consume, you need to prioritize how you care for yourself. Are you eating healthy and getting enough exercise? Do you add self-care into your schedule every week?

These things add up, and help you feel confident every day. 

3.The most important relationship in your life, is with yourself. 

You must love and appreciate yourself before you can love and appreciate anyone else. How to do this? You’ll get there by spending time alone, getting to know your strengths & weakness (what makes you uniquely YOU!), and by working on yourself. Again, self-care is crucial. Make time for it, you are so worth it. 


4.Stop setting yourself up for failure 

You’ve heard it before but it remains the truth – planning is everything. Sit down and look at the month ahead – what do you want to achieve? Who do you want to make plans with? Is there someone in your community that you want to collaborate with on a project? MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It will only happen if you schedule it + show up for it. Hope this gives you some early-week motivation. Get it girl!

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