4 Tips to Get Your Content Seen on Instagram

We all want our followers to see our content and interact with it. We’re not just posting for ourselves, we want to feel something, say something, or connect with someone.

There are ways to get your content MORE seen on Instagram. Cue: Saves. The Save feature on Instagram is the new most valuable metric. Sources are saying that Instagram’s algorithm values Saves the most. 

Here are 4 tips to get your content seen on Instagram, and have people engage with it!

TIP #1 Captions!

While it’s tempting to write a cute, short caption or borrow a dreamy quote, that is not what will help elevate or grow your Instagram.

Turn your captions into an opportunity to blog. 

Longer, valuable captions keep people reading your content for longer. This gives a signal to Instagram that people want to see your posts on their feed. If the caption is very valuable, people will hit the Save button

So, how can YOU start doing this?

Teach your audience something.

For example, mental health coach @thewellnesswitch_ shares her remedy for a deep sleep using essential oils.

Get personal.

It can be uncomfortable, just like anything you’re trying for the first time, but you will feel good after you do it! Tell a short story, and what the valuable conclusion was for you. 

Also, recycling a caption you’ve seen before just isn’t you. That’s not your authentic voice.

Give educational info or a crash course.

For example, if you’re a stylist, let people in on your closet organizing hacks and tips. Dive into it, and ask people if they need any more information. They can drop their comments and that will boost your engagement even higher. 

@iamwellandgood is great at this with both static and video posts, like this one. They turn a blog post into an Instagram post and summarize with all the best take away info.

Share a guide in the domain you’re strongest in. If you’re into dining, share the best cheap restaurants in your city. 

Lee Litumbe of @spiritedpursuit offers great City Guides on her blog that her followers love, and keep coming back for!

She attended the Pangea Dreams x Ardene retreat in Bali. She gave an incredible lesson about content creation and I learned so much from her!

TIP #2 Discover and post your favorite quotes.

Or, if you’ve already been posting a quote from time to time, consider doing so more often. Quotes are not ‘filler content’, they are a huge asset to your feed and if you have one, your strategy. This is because people love SAVING them, to come back and reflect on, or even better, to repost. 

Consider posting a quote that asks a question. People will definitely engage with it.

Here are some of our favorites that we’ve posted on Insta over the years.

TIP #3 Create timeless content.

If your followers miss one of your posts, they can come back later (a day, a week, a month, heck even a year!) and engage with it. An account that does this super well is GirlBoss

Tip #4 Straight up ASK your followers to save your post.

That’s right. A CTA (call to action) is a powerful thing. Don’t be shy to go for it. Its a little reminder to your loyal following that you’re offering something of value that will still be relevant later on. 

~ BONUS TIP ~ Post a mood photo

What’s a mood photo? It’s a photo that makes you feel some type of way and is super relatable. Your followers are likely to Save this type of post because they’ll be inspired to recreate their own version of it!

It will take time to come up with the photo concept and create it, but hey, enjoy the process! It will be what fuels your love of creating content.

And these two shots give us all the summer feels.

Do you know how to track your Saves? Go to your Instagram insights – under the Content tab, if you hit “See All” under Feed posts, you can use the filter to view the highest amount of Saves. 

Now go put these into practice!

Is there anything about content, Instagram, the feed, or anything else that you’d like to know about? Let us know in the comments.

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