4 ways to make self-care a daily practice

When you introduce self-care into your life, dedicating one day to do it (that you stick to!) is great. But, self-care isn’t only for #selfcarefridays or #selfcaresundays.

You’ll quickly see how great makes you feel, and you’ll want to do a little bit each day. That’s also the best way to start a habit, and as you know, habits turn into a lifestyle choice.

Here are 4 easy ways to make self-care a daily practice:

1.Curate a morning or night routine

Discover how you like to wake up or wind down. If you’re lost, it’s okay! Here are some ideas:

listen to a podcast or read a book

make a cup of tea

develop a skincare routine

write an email to a faraway friend

2.fill your life with inspiring content

Rather than watching trash TV or Netflix movies you’ve already seen (guilty!), opt for a new book, youtube tutorial, or podcast.

Whether you want to learn Spanish or SEO, there’s literally a podcast out there for everything. I listen to podcasts every weekday morning during my commute, and I’m not only entertained but I’m learning new things!

3.try out the writing thing

Have you ever kept a journal? Writing down your thoughts every day, no matter how long or short, evokes a mindful state. The act of writing brings you away from the past and the future, so your left feeling grateful for the present.

4.use a face mask

There’s a reason masks are a major beauty trend – they make you feel bomb! Find one with natural ingredients or make your own at home. It’s a great skincare practice and you have to take a 10-minute break to do it which is great.

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