5 ways to style a flat lay

Flat lays are an amazing way to level up your Instagram game. OOTDs and close-ups are great, but if you feel your content is getting a little stale, then change things up and experiment with flat lays. It’s time, babe, and we’re here to help!

What’s cool about flat lays is they can literally be anything – food, beauty, fashion, whatever you want. Keep scrollin’ for 5 ways to style a flat lay ~


The grid format is super popular. It’s very organized and balanced. You can really hone your styling skills by creating these.

tip always shoot in the square format of your phone’s camera, so you don’t have to waste time cropping when you’re ready to post.

POV (point of view)

Point of view photos are a super cute twist on a flat lay.

If you have a nice manicure, this is the best way to show it off! And if not, no worries – you can show off some cute slippers, socks, or even some cookies you made.

a POV can be even cuter with a friend.


Lifestyle flats look like they’ve just fallen into place. You should choose one item to have in focus, and then everything around it will balance out the photo.

tip buy a bunch of different items (decorations, trinkets, anything shiny lol) from the dollar store and keep them at home, or wherever you normally shoot, in a box. It’ll be your flat lay prop box.

Negative space

This is a great option for when your feed is looking busy or cluttered. You can shoot on a carpet, white background or colored background. You don’t need a fancy studio to do this, just buy different colored cartons at the dollar store.


it’s all about the angles. For these flats, you’ll have to be moving around a lot and trying different angles.

tip when you shoot your flat lay, take several different angles and variations so that you have options when it comes time to post. Gotta make sure it works with the feed. Try them all out, and find out which ones work best for your gram.

If you have any questions, drop them below in the comments & we’ll get back to you 💌

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