6 Steps to Speed up Your Morning Routine

Do you feel stressy in the morning? Are you always rushing out the door? Not a good vibe. And it sets the tone for how you’ll feel all day.

I’m guilty of it, too. But there’s a solution babe! Creating an automatic morning routine, so you can get out the door without stressin’.

Here’s how:

1.Lay out your clothes the night before.

Planning your look means one less thing to think about while you’re coming to your senses in the morning.

2.Figure out an AM beauty routine you feel good about. 

This tip actually changed my life. I use to do winged eyeliner every morning and wonder why I was late. Save the timely makeup for week ends! Figure out a cute, natural beauty routine that takes 5 minutes or less.

Pro tip: instead of using a moisterizer and then foundation and concealer, opt for a tinted moisterizer.

3.Prepare what you’ll eat for breakfast the night before.

Make something easy, healthy & nurishing. Chia seed pudding in a mason jar is a sweet breakfast that’s also easy to throw in your bag and eat during your commute.

4.If you make coffee every morning, prep the coffee machine the night before too. 

I literally get my French press ready, so all I have to do when I wake up is boil the water.

5.Have a work bag or purse.

If you’re always changing purses, that could be a big part of why you’re always late. If you’re going to switch it up, you gotta tackle it the night before.

6.Keep your keys by the door. And an umbrella, just in case. 

Being caught off guard is not cute, and potentially getting sick from being cold/wet is the worst!

Hope this helps you get out the door stress-free so you can have the best day! xox

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