6 ways to celebrate Earth Hour

What is Earth Hour?

It’s a worldwide grassroots movement to protect our planet.

Millions of people and businesses worldwide turn off their lights and shut down their electronics on March 30th from 8:30 – 9:30 pm to celebrate Earth Hour, and show their support by doing something sustainable.

It’s a beautiful way for people to get together and think about different ways they can reduce carbon pollution, and therefore the Earth’s rising temperatures.

Here are 6 easy & fun ways you can celebrate ✨🌎

have a candlelit dinner

Invite some friends over for a potluck. This is an amazing excuse to get together, and everyone will feel good knowing they’re saving energy together.

go for a walk

Cities around the world are switching off lights at major landmarks during Earth Hour. Take a walk with your friends and see how different things look! Better yet, go for a walk in nature & feel grounded.

go stargazing

Head a bit outside of the city, and stargaze.

Unfortunately, there’s too much pollution in the city for you to see any stars, but that was a thing a while back!

board games by candlelight

After your yummy candlelit dinner, bust out the board games!

Have fun, and keep Earth Hour going a little longer.

candlelit yoga

Yoga is so much more relaxing with candles. Many yoga studios will offer this type of class in honor of Earth Day, but if you want to practice alone – make a nice setup at home and stretch it out.


An hour of darkness is a great excuse to take time out for yourself and focus on your mental health. Light a few candles and take a bath. Put your favorite relaxing playlist, and just be still.

And don’t forget to share what you’re doing using the hashtag #Connect2Earth. People who see your post might be inspired to celebrate, too!

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