If you’re a girl like me who doesn’t have Barbie-tanned skin, you’ve definitely encountered one problem while shopping for bathing suits: super unflattering swimsuit colours. *shudder*

Most swimsuits you see come in a variety of warm summer colours… that iridescent orange bikini you’ve been dying to try on can end up washing out your skin tone, or make undertones ten times more noticeable (hello purple looking legs!), and make your tan lines and stretch marks look prominent. Hey, I’m a girl who isn’t afraid to show off scars and stretch marks at the beach, but I don’t necessarily want them to take centre stage over my cute new bathing suit!

Like I talked about in my last post, I would wear my fave black bikini bottoms every day if I could, but that doesn’t mean I want my swim wardrobe to consist of only blacks, whites & greys! A girl needs options! This is where the latest & greatest swimwear trend comes to the rescue, for us girls who don’t have perfectly even Cali tans: pastels. Pastel colours are suh-weet – they complement a variety of skin tones and colours, making every girl suited up in a pastel bikini look absolutely fierce. And when your skin looks great in your bikini, you feel great in your skin.

I mixed & matched some of my favourite Ardene pastel bikini pieces, and I felt super confident and comfortable flaunting the bod I was born with, without worrying about my skin looking washed out. I felt I looked pretty cool in my bikinis, but what really stood out to me was how confident the swim made me feel. I felt FABULOUS! My smiles say it all 🙂

If you’re a pale gal like me whose skin doesn’t conform to the tanned bodies many swim brands tailor their bikinis to, you should definitely try on a pastel bathing suit and see how great it makes you feel. Trust me, a rad pastel suit will totally redefine the way you hit the beach.

My favourite thing about my pastel bikinis? They pair super well with my dorky vintage denim dad hat, so I can protect my face from the sun, and still look great!



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