#acobeauty: ardene babe edition

Say hello to our beauty lineACO!

Taking time for yourself, whether it’s to do a face mask or do your nails, is a great way to practice self-care. #acobeauty includes makeup, nail polish, and different types of exfoliating face masks. An influencer fave is deffs the lip gloss.

The #ardenebabe squad tested out all the new beauty products – peep their content & read what they have to say about it!

“nailed it 💅🏼 bedside beauty bits with @ardene’s ACO Beauty collection + spring accessories ✨ ” – @emilylavenders

“My lipgloss be cool, my lipgloss be poppin, can you guess what my latest obsession is?” – @_toripuras

“Spring is just around the corner & so it’s time to start picking out the bright, shiny lipsticks. 💄 I picked up 3 different shades from the Aco line at @ardene for $3.90 each, and I’m LIVING for their pink toned options. 👄 They have a variation of matte & gloss but I always associate warm weather with glossy lips so that’s what I bought.” – @aliciawaid

It’s got high-intensity shine that lasts! Have you been seeing the shiny eyelid trend on Insta and Pinterest?

The #acobeauty clear gloss can go on your lids for an edgy look.



And lip glosses are 3 for $10. Hello, yes!



“Lipstick that’s as dramatic as me 💋 the new #acobeauty collection is pure 🔥 the liquid lipsticks are v pigmented and the glosses are soo smooth – And they’re all under $5” – @rachelissan

“Pucker up buttercup 💋 Shop @Ardene #acobeauty!” – @marinaslam

“my lip gloss be poppin’💄 the Aco beauty collection at @ardene has me covered for a glossy makeup look.” – @yourgirlbblog

Share your beauty posts with #acobeauty so we can see! (we obvi wanna see your poppin’ lip gloss)

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