Born in the late 80’s, Airwalk is a passionate and innovative brand with huge influence in the skate scene. Airwalk supported the scene and designed pieces entirely with its community in mind. Both Airwalk and Ardene make their customers top priority when designing product, that’s why this collaboration was the perfect fit.

We’re proud to be a Canadian company, and we keep our photo shoots 100% Canadian too. Both models are local Montrealers.

Airwalk built crazy hype, often leveraging its star power – throughout the late ‘80s, skateboard stars Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Mike McGill, and Tony Magnusson all skated for Airwalk. For over three decades, the brand helped to shape the progress of skate culture.

Check out our throwback skate-inspired playlist that played during the Airwalk X Ardene shoot.

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