Thirsty for change?

We’ve partnered with JUST WATER to give you guys products that help make a difference.

JUST WATER rethinks how we as a culture source, deliver and consume water. They offer products that promote change, and at a price that works for anyone on a budget.

They decided to redesign the way we produce and consume water, from sourcing to packaging. The bottle is paper-based, the cap is made from sugarcane, the water is 100% pure spring water that’s ethically sourced and bottle.

JUST WATER says about their community, “Part of investing in a community is to take a presence in the heart of it and use your investment energy to help drive restoration. In Glens Falls, we not only found an abundant source of water, we found a city ripe for revitalization. We have repurposed a building, created new revenue streams, and generated job flow that will increase as JUST grows over time.”

JUST WATER bottles are now available in selects Ardene stores across Canada for only $2! Fifty cents from every bottle sold will support WE Foundation‘s well-being initiatives.

This will directly impact Canadian youth – the funds will equip young people across Canada with the resources they need to protect and nurture their mental health.

We believe in their mission, and we’re so excited to now carry their product and support their initiative for change.

Go to our IGTV now to learn more!

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