Ardene X ME to WE: Self-Care IRL

Ardene X ME to WE presents Self- Care IRL.

One of our favorite actresses is helping us spread the love. None other than Jenna Ortega!! You know her from the Disney channel, where she played Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle. Or maybe you discovered her as Princess Isabel in Elena of Avalor. Since then she’s starred in Jane the Virgin, Richie Rich, and more. 

Jenna is such an inspirational girl. She has been vocal about LGBTQ2S rights as well as discrimination issues in the USA.

It was important for us to work with someone like Jenna because she empowers herself by building herself up, doing good for others, and speaking up for what she believes in! All traits we value and strive for. So many young people look up to her and are influenced by her light & positivity! 

We are all about spreading positivity too! So in an effort to raise awareness about self-care and how it empowers young girls, our movement honors mental health as we approach International Mental Health Day, this October 10th

What is WE Well-Being?

Ardene and ME to WE have teamed up to empower youth to become strong, resilient leaders who will take on the world – and change it forever. When you shop the Ardene basics collection, you’re empowering educators and youth to practice self-care for themselves as well as their local and global communities. 

WE Well-Being provides students and teachers with tools, resources, and programs to nurture their mental well-being. 

Self-care is so much more than a face mask, bubble bath, and getting 8 hours of sleep at night. Caring for yourself & loving yourself promotes self-esteem, confidence, and literally keeps you healthy. Self-care is when we mindfully do something to take care of our emotional, mental, and/or physical health. Having a self-care routine in place improves your mood, reduces anxiety, helps foster a healthy relationship with yourself and everyone around you, and so much more. 

Do you feel “too busy” for self-care? We know, looking at all the scribbles in your agenda it can feel kinda messed up. You gotta remember to MAKE TIME to replenish yourself with self-love, and in turn, do something great for your soul. Self-Care IRL is all about embracing real, honest feelings through practices of self-love and acceptance. And this goes way beyond face masks! 

We’re laying out 5 ways to help you achieve your best self. 


  1. Pick a way that speaks to you the most (keep scrollin’)
  2. Chose something you will do to achieve it 
  3. Make a promise to yourself and write it on your hand or on a piece of paper. We’ll show you examples down below.
  4. Take a photo and post it on Insta using #ardenegetsreal

For each photo posted, Ardene will donate $1 to We Well-being!!

Here are different ways you can commit to self-care: 

Health & well-being

How do you recharge after stressful situations? If you don’t recharge, you’ll be running on empty and nothing good can come of that. Here are some ways you can get back to your healthy self: 

get enough zzz’s

take a break whenever you need

eat well & hydrate

Conflict and relationships

How do you deal when you’ve had a fight with someone? Or if you heard something negative about yourself through the grapevine? How do you overcome it?

practice gratitude

stay away from drama

Digital well-being

How does social media make you feel? Social media is a skewed version of reality that highlights the very best parts of someone’s life. It’s like a highlight reel, and it doesn’t show all the bad days. How can you stop the negative cycle?

extend your circle beyond the internet

stop comparing yourself to others

rid your life of toxic people

volunteer and help others in your community 


What’s the best way to contribute to your community?

meet up with friends, take the convo offline!

find a local charity and volunteer

Random easy steps

Looking for a boost? Here are some ideas on how to lift your mood in under 20 mins.

take a bath

listen to music

try out meditation (there are great apps out there to get you started)

write in your journal, or start one!

Help us give back and inspire others to do so by posting your photo on Instagram with #ardenegetsreal. 

Not sure what photo you want to take? Here are some ideas –

We are so excited to see all of your posts! And we’re looking forward to donating $1 for every post on Insta.

Do something good today ❤️ Share this info with your friends so they can donate too! 

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