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Today is World Mental Health Day. Everyone is affected by mental health – we have to take care of our minds so that we can live meaningful, happy, fulfilled lives. It’s important to recognize mental health and sensitive subjects such as suicide, because it affects all of us. We have to talk about it, express our fears and our feelings, because that’s how we end the stigma. That’s how we make sure the next generation doesn’t feel weird or alienated or bullied. Having an uncomfortable, honest conversation with yourself, your therapist, your best friend, your family (anyone) is crucial to keeping a healthy mind.

We are SO thrilled that our collaboration with ME to WE, Self-Care IRL, is being supported by so many great people all over North America! Thank you so much for taking part in this incredible movement.

Here’s a look at some of the beautiful, inspirational content that’s been posted with #ardenegetsreal.

“ Imposter syndrome is a huge issue I face as a creator, and I’m sure I’m not alone. in support of @ardene x @metowe — my ode to self-care will always be to remind myself of the boss I am.” – @lilveggiekween

“Bien manger, Se coucher et se lever tôt, écrire dans un journal de gratitude” – @chlowelaterreur

“As someone who’s always juggling work, Instagram and busy social life, I need to always remember to catch up on my sleep” – @_toripuras

“For the past few years, I try and give myself 1 hour before bed to unwind… Every single night. Whether by taking a bath, watching a few episodes of Sex and the City or even just reading in bed with a cup of tea – I think it’s so important to set some time aside every single day to put yourself first. Remember: It’s okay to spend an entire Sunday in bed sometimes. ” – @aliciawaid

#ArdeneGetsReal Boss ladies✨Today’s mission and for the rest of the year- Work to live NOT live to work! Learning to say no believe it or not it is part of self-care towards your goals. Ask yourself, does it add value for you and your life?” – @mvrubi

“Il est important de prendre du temps pour soi et pour son esprit. Comment? Voici mes 5 trucs personnels;
1. Dors suffisamment💤
2. Bouge 🤸🏼‍♀️ (peut importe la façon)
3. Hydrate-toi💧
4. Exprime-toi🗣 (que ce soit à tes amis, à ta famille, dans un journal; c’est à ta manière)
5. N’hésite pas à demander de l’aide si c’est plus difficile👨🏽‍💼” – @caroleannebilodeau

“some me time” – @chloesugarr

Let this inspire you for your own post! Remember – it can absolutely anything you want, you just have to 1. Make a commitment to self-care, and tell us what it is 2. tag @ardene and 3. use the hashtag #ardenegetsreal.

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