autumn playlist

Whether you’re curled up on the couch with some tea, roasting marshmallows with pals, or in transit on your way to school, this playlist will make you feel some type of way. I love me some cozy autumn vibes, don’t you?

Do you guys know what Hygge means? It’s a Danish word I recently discovered, and it perfectly sums up the mood of this playlist. It’s pronounced hue-guh and it’s used to acknowledge a moment that’s cozy, charming, or special.

Danes created hygge because, with their climate, they experience some pretty serious boredom. It gets cold, dark and the days start blending into one another. They found it so important to celebrate those small but special moments in the day. Something as simple as lighting candles & reading a book can be special if you feel present and grateful for it.

Enjoy ✨

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