Behind the scenes at our Halloween photo shoot

Meet the #ardenebooclub: @luna.lindsay






Chloe and Milaydie were in our Halloween campaign last year, and it was amazing to shoot with them again 💜

Luna and Emily – we go way back 💖

Katie & Kiara – it was our first time shooting with them, and it was a blast!

Everyone got along so well (obvi), friendships were made that day 👯 And so were our Halloween dreams.

The photo shoot didn’t feel like work at all. It was a team of amazing, energetic women doing what they do best in a supportive, creative environment.

Costumes, makeup, snacks, a lot of jokes, and a TLC-heavy playlist. It was an amazing day, take a look behind the scenes.

If you have a burning or totally random question you want to ask one of the babes – ASK AWAY!

We’ll call them up, and reply to your comment down below ❤️

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