Flashback to 2012 – I saw that LaurDIY tagged us in a photo, talking about how she always finds the cutest stuff when she shops at Ardene. I died. This is before the term “influencer” existed, and there was my #girlboss crush Lauren, tagging @ardene in a photo because she felt like it *gasp*! As you can imagine, I was freaking out!

5 years later and Lauren has over 6 million Youtube subscribers. The #prettylittlelaur fam has grown into an international community, and our team’s dream collaboration with LaurDIY is about to drop!


The team headed to LA to meet Lauren and shoot the exclusive collection. We were nervous and excited; like that feeling you get before a rollercoaster. When Lauren arrived on set she was everything and more – super sweet, passionate, creative, kind and humble. A superstar and your best friend, wrapped into one.

Check out our behind the scenes snaps from the day.. and stay tuned because we’ve got lots more Lauren coming!

We were blown away by Lauren’s aura – her positive energy and warmth were palpable. Everyone left the shoot feeling like they wanted to do better and be better people. Everything about her sparkles, so I totally get her obsession with glitter now. Lauren makes the world a happier, more colourful place, and that’s what we aim to do too.

Stay tuned babes, the official #LaurDIYxArdene collaboration is almost here!



    When are they coming out in store

    1. ARDENE

      Hi Alyssa
      this is in-store. Find the store nearest you. :
      we also launched 2 exclusive Laur DIY onesies online at -30 % :

      Happy Black Friday girl 💁


    Questions are u guy putting the laurdiy merchant in every ardrene because I live in Guelph I would love if there’s laurdiy Merchant I’m Guelph stone road mall
    Ps please and thx
    ~Joanne from Canada Guelph/stone road mall

    1. ARDENE

      Hi Joanne

      Yes see the store list here :
      we also launched 2 exclusive Laur DIY onesies online at -30 % :



    Are the onesies gonna be there on Black Friday (tomorrow)?

    1. ARDENE

      Hi Moonzia

      Yes 2 LaurDIY onesies have been pre-release tonight :

      The official launch is on November 29th. Stay tuned <3

  4. ME

    I was wondering if these onesies were going to be sold in Edmonton.

    1. ARDENE

      Hi girl !
      Yes see the store list here :
      we also launched 2 exclusive Laur DIY onesies online at -30 % :


    2. SYDNEY

      Yes they will be available in certain stores, check it out here:

    3. CARO

      Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve chereed me up!


    Hi I was wondering what stores have them today in Pickering Ontario

    1. BRIELLE

      When will the flamingo onsie be available?? That one is my faavvvvv!

      Also do you know if the mall Richmond Centre will get them because I checked on Friday and there was none 🙁

      1. SYDNEY

        Hey Brielle!
        Check out this list to see which stores in BC will have the collection, thanks!

        1. LONITRA

          The hosenty of your posting shines through

    2. SYDNEY

      Hey Emilee!
      Check out the list of stores that are carrying the collection here:
      And you can see the 2 exclusive onesies (that are now at 30% off!) here:


    when will the other two onsies be coming out??? 💕

    1. LAUREN

      yea i was wondering that too? pls say they’ll arrive on or before this coming friday!?


    When and wherever is Lauren’s meetup going to be?

    1. SYDNEY

      Hey Talar!
      At the bottom of this post, you’ll see the info for her meetups in Montreal and Toronto:


  8. RYZAH

    Where an How do we meet Lauren in Toronto?

    1. SYDNEY

      Hey Ryzah! At the bottom of this post you’ll see all the info:

      Thanks! xox


    I was wondering will the toronto meetup be inside the ardene store or in an area in the middle of the mall

    1. SYDNEY

      Hey Jasmine! Inside the Ardene store. See you there xox

  10. MIMI

    Hi! Do I need to buy a onsies in order to meet Lauren? (ps. I’m still gonna buy a onsie either way lol)


    Will Lauren be doing any other meet ups besides in Toronto and Montreal??


    i wear a size 3x and i want to get the vip pass in montreal to meet lauren…what do i do

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