Building a dedicated community on Instagram

While we were in Bali on the Pangea Dreams retreat, we attended tons of helpful workshops. They focused on helping women to grow their personal business, or likewise to kickstart the career they really want.

Content creator and blogger Carly Nogawski @light.travels taught a workshop called Building a dedicated Community on IG + Media Kit creation.

I’m sharing everything I learned from her, and hopefully, some of these things will change the game for you!

Some tips on IG posting:

1.Once you post, always engage within the first 30 minutes. Your followers are taking the time to write to you, and you should always reply. That’s one way you gain their loyalty.

2.You should be hashtagging, it really helps push your content to new people! You can add up to 30 hashtags in your caption or in a comment underneath. Only use ones that are aligned with your content!

3.Do your research – see what hashtags are trending and if you have any content coming up that goes with them. Find new hashtags and communities that could work for your personal brand.

4.Become part of a group (or make one) to enhance your engagement. You can become part of a WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram DM chat group where everyone notifies the others once they’ve posted a photo. I don’t know about you, but I often miss my friends’ content and would love for them to tell me once it’s up!

5.Keep checking your analytics – see what your followers like, and what they don’t like. But balance that with what makes you happy!

6.Use stories more! People love seeing the real, everyday truth.

7. Try using Polls. You’ll be surprised to see how many people interact with you, and want to give you their opinion!

8.Revisit your bio and your link, and make sure it’s still on brand for you. The link space is your opportunity to bring your followers somewhere, so choose wisely.

Now, let’s get into the next topic she spoke about.

Building your media kit

Your media kit should represent you without needing you to speak to it.

It’s a document (a PDF is a good place to start) that says who you are, what you do, the value and/or the services you provide, and how people can get in touch with you.

Use fonts, colors, shapes, etc, that display your brand and represent you.

Include a page about who you’ve worked with in the past and include images or text, whatever is relevant to what you do.

Also, share your best statistics with them, whether it’s your following, Facebook likes, or email subscribers. It can be anything you think adds value.

The last page can be about how to get in touch with you.

You don’t have to be good at graphic design to get started, there are free apps and websites out there to help you. Carly told us about one called The important thing to do is to get started, write down your ideas and just get it going!

Good luck girl! If you have any questions, drop them down below in the comments!

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