Contest Alert: Win 2 Twin

All you really need in this world is that one friend who has your back no matter what.

Most of us have (really) busy lives; we have siblings and parents we need to make time for, school & work schedules we need to balance… but it’s key to take time to appreciate your best friend. Every day, not just on Best Friend day. Call or text your BFF today and remind her/him that they’re important to you & make your life better.

Check out our super simple twinning tee DIY for the most fitting outfit. And keep scrolling to see how you can WIN these ^ cute #ootds!


AVERY stretchable fabric iron-on transfers

A graphic – create your own, use a photo you took, or grab one off the web


A printer

An iron & ironing board

Step 1

Pick your graphic or image. You need to mirror the image before printing it out – you can use the AVERY website or do it yourself using Photoshop.

They even have an easy to follow video so you can watch how it’s done – see it here.

Print it out using an Inkjet printer, on the AVERY paper.

Step 2

Cut out your transfer.

Step 3

On the ironing board, iron your tee to get rid of any wrinkles. Place the transfer face down.

Step 4

Once the iron is hot, apply firm pressure all over the transfer. Go slowly. Take 2 minutes to make sure it’s evenly ironed on.

Then, allow it to cool down for 2 minutes.

Step 5

Peel the paper back slowly and carefully. You’re done!

We’re making this DIY a little easier & a little sweeter… You could WIN these #twinning outfits & the iron-on patches. Follow us on Instagram for all the deets!

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