Fall Style With Closet Vomit

I don’t know about you, but summer is my mortal enemy. After (ironically) living in the desert for 10 years, I realized that my style never gets to come out and play as much as I would like when the weather is at sweltering temperatures and fun elements such as layers, boots, and dark colors go from being my daydream to being an overheated nightmare.

Autumn outfits are the epitome of my style year-round — now that I live in New York City I FINALLY get to actually wear cold-weather outfits, which has given me an opportunity to get creative and layer quality neutral pieces while I cozy up with a hot cider and every pumpkin spice product I can get my claws on.

This head-to-toe Ardene look specifically was a really fun approach to a romper for crisper weather — typically when we think of shorts we think of summer and dying in the heat, but this one is quality, thick, and I layered some tights underneath and added some chunky boots and a denim jacket for a grunge fall look. Also, I’m absolutely a sucker for belt bags, so I had to throw in this vegan leather piece as well.

It was such a blast taking this look into Manhattan to shoot with my good friend Shelby (@shelbypine) — I rarely ever go to midtown because, as someone with anxiety, I really try to avoid anything that is too chaotic just to maintain my peace of mind. However, it was a great treat to walk next to Central Park, accidentally make friends with a cab driver while taking photos, and catch up with a close friend who (also hailing from the desert) understands how refreshing it is to feel the temperatures drop and see the leaves change.

Check out my favorite pieces from Ardene below to shop and use code ASHLEY20 for 20% off — I curated a capsule wardrobe so that you can make combinations of your own!

And don’t forget to check out my Instagram and see a try-on all of my Ardene looks on my IGTV!

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