Free v-day phone wallpapers

This set of free phone wallpapers is brought to you by the bottom of my heart, and the depths of my… phone?

We asked you guys what you wanted in our IG stories, and you answered. These wallpapers are for you guys! Cuz we love ya 💝

They’re SO cute! Save them & share 😘

Which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comments!

I think mine is the cherries 🍒 💕

PS:  We also made the cutest v-day Insta story GIFs!

Follow us on Insta @ardene & search “Ardene” in story stickers to find em 💘


  1. LIZZY

    YES! Been waiting for these since the polls were posted! 😆😍❤️😂😂 I love them and I’m gonna use them all month.. maybe all year 😏😂 tHe reminder is my fave!

    1. SYDNEY

      yasss queen! thanks Lizzy. We’ll keep making them! xox

  2. XIN

    I love the cherries one as well !

    1. SYDNEY

      thanks Xin! xox


    The pizza one ❤️! With the hand

    1. SYDNEY

      pizza forever <3
      thanks Kimberly!

  4. JEN

    Cherries and the neon hand are my favs!!! Love them

    1. SYDNEY

      yess love the neon one too. thanks Jen! xox


    Um how do we save these? I’ve tried everything and I’m not about to screenshot and have this ugly blue sticker in the way.

    1. SYDNEY

      hey! hold down until it shows the option ‘save image’. That will work!
      If it doesn’t, you could always save them on your desktop and send them to yourself via email. Hope this helps! xox


    The cherries is my fav!!! Best wallpaper I’ve had yet 😻

  7. IRIS

    My fave is the last “Accept this rose” one. Not a fan of the Bachelor but it’s adorable. Thank you for the wallpapers!

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