From girl gang to forever family

Have you ever experienced a moment so exciting that it makes your heart skip a beat? A moment so thrilling that your eyes swell with tears of joy (despite your effort to keep your mascara in check)?

I have.

This was the moment I was announced the winner of the Ardene X Pangea Dreams collaboration for an all-expenses-paid retreat to Bali, Indonesia!!!

*mic drop*

My name is Nico Visser @that_nic_chick, and I’m from Toronto!  I have a zest for life and a passion for travel + people + sunlight.  In 26 years I have wandered 5 continents and traveled through 39 countries (and counting)!  I’ve climbed through the Andes Mountains, skinny-dipped in the Adriatic Sea, swung over the Amazon Rainforest, hitchhiked Australia and driven the winding roads of Iceland.

I’ve prioritized travel because it teaches me something that I could never learn in a classroom. Life experience is everything.

There is something special that happens when you expand beyond the confines of familiarity and immerse yourself in an entirely new culture. Now that’s living.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been wearing Ardene clothing & accessories.  I mean, who doesn’t love the Kendall and Kylie collection?! But it wasn’t until our trip to Bali that I came to value Ardene as more than just a brand.  Ardene stands for so much that I love and believe in: giving and charitable initiatives, female empowerment, and physical & mental wellness. This giveaway was special because it combined my love for travel & my love for Ardene. 

Believe me when I say – winning this trip has been the highlight of my life!

For those who don’t know, Pangea Dreams is a company that facilitates educational retreats for women with a focus on branding, content creation, photography, and wellness.  Each day of the retreat was filled with information, workshops, and activities that helped me to establish my personal and professional purpose. 

The workshops were multi-dimensional covering topics from growing your personal brand, photography and editing in Lightroom, passive vs. active income strategies, blog SEO, and so much more! 

While these skills are important, especially for a young creative, there’s so much more to the retreat experience than meets the eye.

What I will remember most about the retreat can be found in the moments that extend beyond social media; the moments that couldn’t be captured by a quality photograph or edited by a cool preset.

It was the moments of building connections with like-minded women from all walks of life. It was the moment of learning that our greatest strength comes with our ability to be vulnerable with ourselves and with others. It was the moments of deep breaths, heavy tears and honest conversations that lead to a place of growth.

I am so grateful for the retreat and the opportunity to learn and evolve mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. 

Most importantly I am thankful for my new girl gang – a group of smiling strangers who turned into my forever family.



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