Happy Women’s Day ❤️

Today, and every day, we celebrate all the amazing women out there ❤️

The #ardenebabe squad is a diverse crew of strong, empowered, talented (we could go on and on) women. We love them, and we’re so grateful to call them friends!

Here are a few of the babes that inspire us every single day.


Who is she: a super talented content creator, influencer, and entrepreneur! We’ve been collaborating since 2015 & we love this girl to pieces.

Why she inspires us: She’s so genuine. She cares so much about others, animals, and our planet 🌎


Who is she: Katie works as a blogger, influencer & nurse. We love meeting up with her to shoot, and we always go to her for advice on how to hustle.

Why she inspires us: She balances a crazy schedule all with a smile on her face. Plus, she knows the best coffee shops in town ☕


Who is she: Bailey is a free spirit and a wild child. We look to her for endless inspiration – style, photography, and more. She is a master of creative collages.

Why she inspires us: Her creative collages make us feel some type of way ❤  We love that she’s very honest and open on social media.

Bailey created these exclusive wallpapers just for YOU.

Save them for your phone & desktop background, to have an inspiring daily reminder that you are worthy ❤ you are important ❤ you are enough ❤

& for your phone ❤

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