How to: be a morning person (but actually)

Every time December rolls around, I find myself making the same two resolutions: wake up earlier (and get better at it) and start exercising. This time around, I actually stuck to my goal of early rising. Sorry body goals, you had to take the hit this time.

Sleeping in was my favourite thing up until the new year. I’m now a converted morning person! Check out my 5 tips on how you can become an early bird.

1.Make a plan.

If you have a dog, your action plan could be to wake up early enough to take them out for a proper walk. The first few days, you could go for a 10-minute walk. Then, for every following walk, you could add on 2 minutes. Two weeks later and you are your best friend are going for 30-minute walks. *Applause*

My action plan was to try meditation because I thought it would help get me out of that groggy “morning fog”. I got the app called Headspace. It has the same incremental approach. I started meditating for 5 minutes a day and worked my way up to an hour. It’s changed my whole approach to waking up.

2.Allow yourself to actually wake up.

Once I got into the rhythm of waking up an hour earlier than I had been, I worked on making the experience a fun one. I would put on a favourite playlist, then make a smoothie bowl & coffee. Creating an ambiance for yourself can make a huge difference in waking up.

3.Blackout blinds, be gone!

I’m someone who can’t sleep if it isn’t pitch black in the room, so this was a tough change for me. To wake up earlier, you need light. Period. When your AM alarm goes off, open all the window blinds or switch on all the lights right away! Not only does it get you outta bed, but it makes falling back asleep near impossible.

#ardenebabe @valielfrnce lets the light in.

4.Stop hitting snooze.

Your body needs some time to get ready to wake up. Researchers say that when you hit the snooze button, your body and brain are “taken by surprise”. This results in that groggy, foggy state of mind. The more you snooze, the more your brain and body get confused.

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5.Put your alarm on the other side of the room.

This one will help with the snooze point, too. Putting your phone or alarm on the other side of the room will make hitting snooze very difficult. Having to walk to turn off your alarm is great because your body is already moving.

I really hope this helps you! I understand the struggle, I lived most of my life in a groggy daze until this year when I finally felt enough was enough. I wanted to feel alert and awake, so I followed through on these 5 tips.

What are your tricks or tips for waking up early? Tell me in the comments.

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