Halloween is the one holiday where you get to become a different character, be silly, and get super creative. AKA it’s the best. Why not throw a ghoulish get-together or a full-blown party for all of your friends? They’ll love you for it. SO what do you need to make sure it’s a hit? We’ll break it down for ya..

Cute but creepy snacks

I love the internet because the internet gave me boonanas & pretzel pumpkins. Little ghosts made of bananas, cute overload? I think so.

Drinks that shock

Food colouring is your best friend come time to plan a Halloween party. We made a super easy drink DIY with spidey ice cubes.

Ghoulish home décor

For something less gory and more Pinterest-perfect, peep this mason jar DIY. You could make a bunch & place them on your dinner table, or line your stairs or hallway with them.

An eeeevil playlist

It’s not a real party if Monster Mash or Thriller isn’t blasting. Turn up our Halloween playlist, chock-full of classics! If you have a projector, playing the music videos of these tracks is a pretty sweet idea, too. Follow us on Spotify for more.

& lastly, get a Polaroid camera or borrow one from a friend. No party is complete without hilarious, candid mementos.

We can’t wait to dress up, and eat our way into a candy coma. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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