New year, new me! Just kidding – same me, but with a better Instagram game duh. Instagram is pretty much the best social platform for brands and individuals alike. Whether it’s to grow your audience, community, or friend group, here are some sweet tips to help improve the quality of your content while growing your following.

Emoji love

emoji girl model shoot photoshoot bts behind the scenes film 35mm film photo

No news here – the emoji craze is still going strong. With every update, a new craze is born. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not over the avocado, the unicorn, the black heart, the spider, the Chinese takeout box.. okay the list goes on and on. They’re just so much better than words… am I right?


Play around with the orientation of your photos. We’re so used to seeing symmetrical content, but why not flip it upside down, or rotate it 90 degrees. It’ll give your photo a whole new point of view. Plus, who doesn’t want to walk on walls?

Shine on

2017 gave us kirkira+ and I’m (still) obsessed. Life is better when it sparkles. The end.

@juunaud is wearing: new rhinestone sneakers, leggings, and a sparkly knit tank.


model girl inspo sweater cute pink ardenebabe close-up detail shot

Having some detail shots spread-out through your feed can make for a beautiful layout. Bust out your favourite clutch or piece of jewelry and take some close-up shots of it. It’s also a good idea to save these images for a day when you want to post something, but aren’t sure what.


Fashion is more fun with your partner in crime by your side. Coordinate a matching outfit with your best friend and have an impromptu photo shoot.

@juunaud & @leeza_lap are wearing: platform sneakers, deluxe satin bomber, cropped loose tee, and jeans.


It only makes sense that in a politically and socially uncertain time like 2k18, millennials are discovering their spirituality. They’re digging deeper into themselves in the pursuit of true happiness. From tarot cards and healing crystals to meditation, Instagram can be a great platform to share your new interest in spirituality and become part of the community.

Polaroid fixation

Polaroid film will never go out of style. Capture your favourite candid moments on film, and then shoot a flat lay image with them. Place them on a cool background – it can be a marble countertop, a tiled floor, a fuzzy fabric… whatever floats your boat girl.

Squatting pose

If you’ve found yourself scrolling through the abyss of IG’s explore page, then you know this pose. It was first trending in 2016, but has made its way back into both high fashion and street fashion. Fun fact: this pose started in the 1970’s when hip-hop culture was born.

Most importantly, stay real and have FUN! At the end of the day, Instagram is a social platform and not real life. Your happiness is the most important thing, and it does not depend on validation from followers. You are you, and that’s the coolest thing about you.

We want your year to be everything you want it to be! Enjoy babe.

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