90’s Costumes

The ‘90s were a pretty amazing sweet for film: rom-coms were at their height, comedies were actually funny, and teen comedies had their shining moment! 

Some of our faves on TV were Friends and Lizzie McGuire, and our favourite movies were Clueless, and every movie featuring the Olsen Twins. Aka a lot of movies. We were so happy that when we polled on Instagram, you guys felt the same!

Let’s take a stroll down nostalgia lane with this perfectly 90’s costumes. 

Friends ❤️ Rachel and Pheobe

Get Rachel’s look: plaid leggings

Peanuts cropped t-shirt

basic fleece hoodie

chunky sneakers

Get Pheobe’s look: chambray shirt

jean mini dress

orange oversized high-low sweatshirt


Clueless: Cher and Dionne

Cher’s look:

button front cropped yellow cardigan

belted plaid mini skirt

white tube top

classic beret, black crossbody handbag, high knee socks, fuzzy pink pen

Dionne’s look:

button front cropped cardigan

plaid paper bag skirt

red tube top

black heel booties

red quilted crossbody bag, headband, knee socks

Lizzie McGuire

get the Lizzie fit:

buttercup yellow cropped super soft tee

cotton military cap

high waist wide leg jeans

heeled flip flop (are these not straight out of the ’90s tho?)

hairbrush (you gotta have a mic for this look!)

The Olsen Twins 💖 Mary-Kate and Ashley

the #twinning fit:


tinted oval sunglasses

shell necklace

basic tube top

wide leg cargo jeans, denim mini skirt

If you’re a nineties fan like we are, you’ll appreciate these costumes. The best part about dressing up like one of these characters? Getting to quote them all day & all night on Halloween.

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