2017 was full of ups and downs. There were challenging times that really tested my sanity, but I learned a lot and grew into a better version of myself.

It’s a brand new year, and that means a clean slate with endless opportunities ahead. It’s a universal resolution to want to step up your fitness and healthy eating game come the new year, but there’s so much more to self-love than loving your exterior. 2018 is all about true wellness and real, holistic self-love.

Lucky for me, I work for a company that totally gets me. Our goals are aligned which makes this a dream job. Ardene’s focus this year is self-love and you’ll see that in our upcoming campaigns.

For the MOVE activewear photo shoot, the Ardene babes were wellness gurus Zoe Colivas & Dani Seitz. We collaborated with them because we all share a common goal – bettering ourselves; body, mind & soul. They practice self-love by eating super healthy whole foods and choosing an exercise routine that they truly enjoy doing. Dani loves basketball, and she took an incredible initiative to create a New York-based group of women who meet up once a month to play b-ball, and just have fun! 2018 = girls supporting girls. And we love it.

These are some of my favourite self-love mantras. Read them to boost your mood if you’re feeling down, or text one to a gal pal who you love and support. You don’t need a special reason to show yourself or a friend some love, so start practicing self-love here & now.

How do you practice self-love?

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