#mindfulmonday: more self-love

What is mindfulness?

It’s the act of paying attention to your thoughts, feelings & senses. Simplified, it’s living in the moment. You’ve heard it from Oprah and you’ve seen quotes about it on Pinterest… but there’s a reason why wellness is trending – this is a movement that lives up to the hype! Actually, it’s much better.

Living this way keeps our busy minds from overthinking the past and worrying about the future. Just like trying out a new sport or starting to cook for the first time – mindfulness is a practice, and no one is good at it on their first try.

Today is the first day of our #mindfulmonday series. Follow along on Insta @ardene for quotes that’ll put you in the right headspace, and tips & challenges. Today is all about self-love. Whether you’re working, studying, or trying to figure out your life, an extra dose of self-love is the best way to start the week! 💗

Remember to never compare yourself to anyone else, especially the best parts that people showcase on social media. Instead, focus on the good. A couple of ways you can do this

Say YES to things you love. And then make time for them.

Allow yourself to relax, rest and recharge your batteries. Don’t let yourself feel worn out.

Speak kindly to yourself. Just as you would hype up your friend, do the same to yourself 💗 You deserve it!

There are so many different ways to practice self-love, that’s why it’s so personal.

#Ardenebabe @kgmtl practices by making herself delicious, healthy food every day. Check out @ardene’s IGTV to see her go-to smoothie recipe!

Sending you love 💗 You go, girl!

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