Mystery sale: what’s in my cart

Hey girl hey!

Today is the first day of our Mystery Sale.

Scratch to find out what you get – 10%, 20%, 30% or 40% OFF your order of $50+

I’m a sucker for a good deal… so I can’t resist shopping everything I want right now. I’m obsessed with what I’m getting so I’m giving you a tour of my cart. Check it out 😍

Okay first up: teddy jackets. Sorry mom and dad, but I’m buying 2 more teddies. I promise I’m done after this 😬

*closet explodes* 

I love this look – a cozy sweater, comfy jeans, chunky sneakers and a pop of red with a beret. Au revoir chérie, à la prochaine.

This is my new go-to brunch look. I love these high waist plaid pants paired with the cozy cable knit sweater.

The little clutch is the perfect compact size, and the sneakers add that sporty touch I’m always looking for. Now I just need to make actual brunch plans.

Beanie szn is in full effect friends. I’m getting a pom pom beanie in every color.

While I’m practicing self-care this month, I’m buying this comfy velvet set as a treat to myself.

I don’t need to wear a cute bra to show it off, I’m going to wear it to feel confident in my own body.

I love this preppy look. It makes me want to schedule 100 things in my agenda, just for the thrill of it.

And white booties? So cute.

Shop the Mystery Sale now, and see what deal you get!


  1. JONES

    Amazing fashion looks and inspirations !!! thanks Sydney

    1. SYDNEY

      hey Jones, thanks for reading!

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