We all have a nighttime routine, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s important to reflect on yours because it could be helping or hurting your life. I used to spend hours scrolling Instagram before bed until I realized not only was that habit hurting my eyes, but it was hurting my self-esteem. Seeing glossy photos of Gigi and Bella in bikinis on a yacht made me wake up feeling ugly and like my life was subpar. In reality, I love my life, and I knew it was time to evaluate what I was doing before bed and how it was affecting me.

These 5 healthy bedtime habits have become my night ritual. I didn’t start doing them all at once, that’s way too overwhelming. The key is to go one by one with small changes; to slowly integrate them into your routine. That’s how you develop a healthy, functional night ritual.

1.Read a book

#ardenebabe Noelle Downing gets it. No better pairing than a book & bubbles.

The issue with scrolling on Instagram is that you can literally scroll forever, there’s no end! One of the many great things about picking up a book in the evening instead of your phone is that they have chapters. Tell yourself you’ll read 4 to 5 chapters before hitting the hay, that way you won’t stay up too late.

#ardenebabe Jak Kaiser is reading a classic beside her cuddly buddy – bulldog Agnes.

2.Tea time

A warm cup of chamomile tea is so comforting before bed. Make sure you go for an herbal tea without caffeine so that you don’t have any trouble sleeping.

3.Remove your makeup

Always wash your face & remove your makeup before bed. When you take the time to enjoy your skincare routine instead of it becoming a chore, it can be so soothing.

It’s also an important act of self-care. Self-care is how you communicate with yourself that you love yourself. Reminding yourself of this is important because then you won’t rush through your skincare routine OR feel guilty about taking a few minutes to yourself.

4.Take a bath

#ardenebabe Emily Lavenders has the dreamiest bathtub ever! Major night ritual goals.

A bath does more for you than just relieve stress; it relaxes sore muscles and is an important time away from screens. Too much screen time is an issue we all face, and taking a bath could be the perfect remedy for your body and mind.

5.Get ready for the next day

Create the habit of prepping for 15 to 20 minutes before becoming one with the couch and zoning out to Netflix. This could mean putting your gym clothes in a bag at the door, getting everything ready for your morning smoothie, or laying out tomorrow’s outfit.

You’ll be amazed at how much this simple practice relieves stress and anxiety. I find that if I don’t put my outfit together for the next day, I end up feeling rushed, stressed and (maybe worst of all) I’ll hate what I’m wearing.

What’s your night ritual? Please share your tips with me – leave it in the comments! Thanks babe.

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