Lauren loves onesies and so do we! Like, a lot.

It’s time to shop the LaurDIY x Ardene onesie collection, but hurry girl – get ‘em while supplies last.

There’s a onesie for each of your spirit animals!

LaurDIY panda onesie – shop now!

Lounge around like a panda in this comfy onesie! Pandas spend about 10 hours a day eating and the rest of the day sleeping… sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

LaurDIY flamingo onesie – shop now

Be your bright pink, fabulous self in the flamingo onesie. Did you know flamingos are social butterflies? An average flock is 71 birds, that’s a whole lot of chatter!

LaurDIY narwhal onesie – shop now

This cutie is Lauren’s personal favourite. It’s hard to believe this mythical-looking animal is real, they are way too cute!

LaurDIY rainbow unicorn onesie – shop now

When I hear LaurDIY I immediately think of unicorns, rainbows, and glitter. That pretty much sums up this cozy, mystical onesie!

What’s better than getting in on a piece of the LaurDIY onesie craziness? Ummm meeting her!

Come meet the URL Queen IRL in Toronto & Montreal!


  1. SABI

    In Which arden in Montreal is she comming?

    1. SYDNEY

      Hey Sabrina!
      She’s coming to the Montreal Trust location. You can find all the info in this post:
      Thanks! xox


    Hey Ardene! I was just wondering for the meet and greet, where in the Eaton Centre, Toronto it will take place? And do we need to purchase anything?

    1. SYDNEY

      Hey Kristen! You’ll find all the info about her Toronto visit at the bottom of this post:

      You don’t need to buy anything, just come and meet Lauren! xox


    I love these onesies. I’m a true #prettylittlelaur and these make my heart melt. Definetly the best purchase I’ve ever made. I also went to the meet and greet with s friend in our onesies. They are super comfy for standing in long lines all day. 😉 I seriously love mine and want them all. Would highly recommend. I wear mine all of the time. Aredene has always been my favorite store but this just kicked it up like, 10 notches. Thank you so much ardene!


    Hey when the onesie will they be in stock?

    1. SYDNEY

      hey babe!
      we will have onesies online as of September 26th, so check online then!
      thanks 🙂

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