Pangea Dreams retreat: empowered women empower women

I had the honor of joining the Pangea Dreams team and five amazing attendees, women from across the globe, for a special retreat in Ubud, Bali! We all arrived with open minds and hearts, ready to soak everything in, and suitcases full of Ardene looks – prepped for a week of content creation in magical Ubud. I have so much to share with you!

Before I get into it, I’ll introduce you to the hosts & the girls.

Tracy – Founder of Pangea Dreams

Lauren – The retreat & community manager

Carly – Retreat leader

Sam – Creative director & photographer

Now, meet the girls! You can also get to know them through our Instagram Highlight, and see what we got up to every day.

Nico – the contest winner

& her BFF Sarah




& you already know me, but here’s a cute shot of Claudia, Jasmine and I ❤️

Now, let’s talk about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Day 1

After two 11-hour flights, and a 9-hour layover, Tracy, Claudia and I arrived in Bali.

Retreat leaders Lauren, Carly, and Sam were already in Ubud, Bali, at the incredible villa (our home for the week!). Later, Jasmine, Christina, Nico and Sarah arrived – feeling a mix of equal part excitement and exhaustion.

We explored the villa right when we got there; checked out all the rooms, the beautiful pool, the lush surroundings, our rooms…

Everyone was feeling pretty jetlagged, so we had free time to recoup and relax. Claudia and I were somehow feelin’ great, so we called two scooters and made our way to Wanna Jungle bar and pool, an Instagram-worthy spot we heard about with a crazy view.

The 20-something minute ride there was incredible! We zipped past lush greenery, colorful flowers, smiling locals, dogs roaming around, kids playing soccer.

Here are some of the photos we snapped while we were there!

On our way back, we actually dozed off in the cab – a clear sign it was time for bed.

Day 2

We woke up at 6 am feeling super refreshed. Normally at home, I struggle to wake up, but it was so bright in our room and the jungle sounds were in full force; it made it pretty effortless.

It was time for a yoga session with Lauren @wanderlulu, one of our 5 sweet hosts! The view, while we were doing yoga, was unreal; the villa, tropical trees all around, and blue mountains in the distance with mist hanging over them.

Then we held a gratitude practice, where we wrote down 3 things we’re grateful for and 3 intentions for the day, and shared them with one another. It definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone as I normally don’t enjoy talking about myself, let alone the things I’m grateful for. Quickly, you adapt and start to see things from a new perspective.

We had some lunch, and after that, we sat down for our workshop with Carly @lighttravels. She focused on how to build your brand. My 3 biggest takeaways were:

1.If you want to collaborate with someone – a photographer, magazine, blogger, whoever – don’t simply reach out and say ‘I want to collaborate with you’. That has no meaning.

Tell them who you are and what you do, and explain why you think you should collaborate. Better yet, tell them your exact idea that you want to work on with them! It could be very inspiring to them, whereas a ‘I want to collab with you’ really doesn’t give them much.

2.Don’t try to do it all, instead, do what you’re good at.

We live in a generation where people have multihyphenate careers, and that’s great but it can lead us to compare ourselves to them. We start believing that we should be good at everything, too, and when we fail, we tend to beat ourselves up. This has to stop! If you’re a talented photographer and writer, you should not expect to learn how to build your own website from scratch, too! One word: outsourcing. Outsource what you need to get done.

3.Take the time to finesse your email skills.

Emails have the potential to become jobs, friends, everything. So put the time and effort into your emails if you don’t feel comfortable calling the person or meeting up with them.

After that, we had a photography crash course with @samkat. She went very technical and got into the nitty-gritty of importing photos, organizing your work, and using Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance what you’ve created.

We put that into practice after her class, and took photos around the villa.

Later, we had another workshop with Carly. It was called Building a dedicated Community on IG + Media Kit creation. You can read my full recap here.

Day 3

We started each day the same way, with yoga or a fitness class and then a morning gratitude circle.

Then it was photo shoot time! Everyone changed into their new Ardene looks and we grabbed our cameras and got to it. It was hard to know where to start – the villa, the winding road just outside, all the plant life… it’s all so spectacular.

Check out some shots from the day!

the squad in a neon look 

beautiful ladies in new summer pieces 

slaying in swim. and on the cutest floatie I’ve ever seen! 

It was a total blast, everyone sharing their camera knowledge and taking turns shooting with one another.

That’s my idea of a great time!

Later on, we had a workshop with Lauren about SEO. She broke it down. She taught us about backlinking, getting your articles published, and building your online credibility. If you guys want to know more, I will totally write up everything I learned from her course for you. Let me know if the comments section!

I found it super interesting and helpful, and I’m going to apply everything from her course on this blog 💖

You can check out her blog here. She writes about traveling solo, and shares tons of good tips & tricks. Check it out if that’s something on your horizon. Traveling by yourself seems intimidating at first, but speaking from experience, it is SO liberating and creates a new level of self-awareness and self-love that is not easily achieved! It forces you out of your comfort zone, and into life.

There are so many amazing places out there waiting for you. Go get it! 

I’ll be writing more about my Bali trip, so stay tuned!

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