When I’m chilling at home I like to wear the softest, most comfortable clothes in my wardrobe. Even though I’m not dressing for the Met Gala or the club, there’s something to be said for that awesome feeling you get when you’re wearing an outfit you totally love. Feeling comfy is great, but you gotta keep it cute, too.

Cue the new Rose + Vine collection! Which I styled with some Ardene basics. Here are my tips for all you ladies looking to get down and comfy, while keepin’ it cute:

1) Make sure you love all your comfy clothing items as stand-alone pieces. If you’re going to have a favorite pair of sweatpants, make sure you love how they look as much as how they feel! As comfy as they’ll be, a pair of oversized, unflattering sweatpants will just make you feel yucky. ‘Nuff said.

2) Choose a statement color for your sweats OR opt for blacks, whites, and grays. If you take a look at the outfits I styled using the Rose + Vine collection, you’ll notice I went for black, white and gray pieces, and I was able to match them all super easily with each other! Which brings me to my next point…

3) Stock up on comfy clothes that can be mixed and matched into fabulous (and fabulously comfortable) outfits. If all of your sweats and undies already match, choosing an outfit that makes you look and feel great will be too easy for you to ever want to wear anything else… ever again.

Here’s a chill, lazy day playlist I made for just the occasion, or lack of one.

If you’re still stuck for lazy-day outfit inspo, check out the looks I put together. And remember: feeling good & looking good should go hand in hand, you got this!



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