Summertime Sadness

#ardenebabe and real-life princess Chloe Laterreur is a ray of light. She makes us feel like summer all year round, with her flowing mermaid hair and her outfits’ soft, pastel hues. We got to shoot with her last week at the Orange Julep, an iconic fast food spot in Montreal that looks like a massive orange. If you’ve never been, definitely go this summer and check it out! Order a poutine. You won’t be disappointed.

August is a wonderful, weird month. The first week, there’s a heatwave. The second week, everyone is getting new stationery and getting ready to go back to class. By week three or four, you find yourself at a picnic and it gets real breezy.. so breezy in fact, that your jeans and t-shirt outfit just isn’t gonna cut it. You hate to admit it.. but you’re COLD. You’re cold, and you want a blankey and hot cocoa. But you don’t wanna say it out loud, because that makes it real.

*cue Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness*

Chloe styled herself for our shoot, and each look represents the bittersweet stages of summer. 

Look 1

It begins with a heatwave. This is such a cute outfit for a hot day: crop top, high waisted shorts, platform sneakers & some scrunchies. We all know the day will end with a high ponytail. 

Purple Heatwave crop t-shirt

Lottie Moss contrast stitch shorts

Pack of chunky scrunchies

reflective chunky sneakers

Tinted lilac oval sunglasses

Look 2

As the degrees start to drop, we welcome corduroy back into our lives! It’s still hot out, so this adorable corduroy wrap skirt is very fitting. 

Loving the 70’s vibes of this burnt orange (Julep?) color. 

Corduroy wrap mini skirt

Cat-eye sunglasses

reflective chunky sneakers

plaid tops

Look 3

Pair this Riverdale sweater, or any light grey sweater, with a cute plaid skirt and some orange-tinted retro sunglasses and you are good to go. Go to class, go to lunch, go to a party. TBH this outfit is cute enough to do it all, hun!

Fight it all you want, you are going to have to come to terms with carrying around a light sweater during the last weeks of August. This lightweight, comfy Riverdale sweater is giving me all the varsity vibes. This reminds me of Bring It On in the best possible way!

Riverdale sweater

Belted plaid mini skirt

Reflective chunky sneakers

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