Today, Natalie Alysa from POP OF BLACK talks fall essentials. Check it out!

I don’t know about you guys, but as soon as October hits, I’m fall-ready (even though I was ordering Pumpkin Spice Latte’s like a month ago… #noshame). I know it’s basic to say, but I really love fall. Sipping on warm drinks, and of course, fall fashion, is what I live for!

I’m super excited to partner with Ardene to create a trendy fall look – and for under $100! I’m always on the lookout for new and inspiring trends, and being able to find an affordable version that’s right for you is key.

So, keep reading for what pieces you need for this must-have fall OOTD!

1. Fuzzy purse
I’ve been seeing purses like this one EVERYWHERE! I’m actually obsessed and I want one in every colour. It’s a perfect fall accessory and Ardene has it in grey and black – I had the toughest time deciding between the two. I’m anticipating this to be a major trend this fall, so grab yours ASAP!

2. Star sweater
I’ve been into star details for a while now, and I’m seeing it pop up all over stores these days. It’s such a fun print and paired with a cozy sweater, what more could you ask for? Thanks to Ardene, I’m probably going to be living in this sweater this month!

3. Suede runners
My go-to shoe is always a cute running shoe. When I am on the move, they’re the most comfortable and make every outfit into a casual (seeming) street-style look. What I love most about them is the suede material – so good for fall.

4. Cadet hat
This is 100% a must-have accessory this season. I’m sure you guys have seen it all over Instagram by now, but this is a trend worth buying – so cute and so versatile. Trust me, every bad hair day just got better!

Hope this post will help you with your fall shopping, enjoy!


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    The fuzzy handbag and adorable cadet hat are my faves right now! There so fun and scream fall, I love it. Thanks for sharing your tips with us for this season.

    Kit Kat

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