Top 5: Our Fave Photo Editing Apps

Thanks to the miracle that is Instagram, anyone has the power to turn everyday moments into beautiful, professional looking photographs. The truth is, that the stunning posts you see are not simply snapped, filtered & posted. They are cropped, flipped & tweaked by a couple photo-enhancing apps. And there’s no shame in that game!

It’s super fun to experiment with all the apps out there, and tons of ‘em are free, too. We’ve been experimenting with lots lately, and these are our top 5.


This is a great, super easy to use app that let’s you edit colours and hues like a pro. We’re always using this to make our flat lays next level.



This is a quick graphic design hack. It lets you create beautiful layouts for your photos.

My work wifey (the babe above) @vanessa.anna put me on to Unfold

Co-blogger work bae @lissykit gave her hair the shine it deserves with this Unfold layout.


This let’s you film a retro looking video. Dust, scratches, old school colours, even frame shakes – this app is magic, and it’s only $2.79. You’ll never want to take a regular video again after you try this out.

Our Denim Nation video has the 8mm vibe. 


This app has tons of textures and light leaks, as well as tons of minimal and adjustable frames to level-up your photos. Like most of these apps, they have a hashtag #Afterlight that you can use for the chance to be featured on their account.

#ardenebabe @lauurence.p

5.Huji Cam

Huji Cam is my what’s-the-one-thing-you-would-take-to-a-desert-island aka I am obsessed with this app, and now I can’t live without it. It turns your photos into vintage analog style film photos. The best part might be the orange 1998 date in the corner.

oh hey! it’s me @sydneyannabb

We’re always on the hunt for new cool apps. What’s your favourite one for editing photos? Tell me in the comments & I’ll check it out!

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