Visiting HideSeek in Montreal

You’ve either heard of HideSeek or you’ve seen people posting about it on Insta. It’s an experiential pop-up that started in Toronto, and is now in Montreal. It’s open from now until December 15th. It’s at 4301 St-Denis Street.

We visited their space yesterday and it was everything! So fun.

Their bio says they’re “a pop-up experience inspired by childhood nostalgia”, and that’s exactly how it felt.

First, you walked through a hallway of big pink butterflies, as Shakira played softly in the background. Iconic.

Then you were submerged into the first room – it was filled with iridescent bubbles, the kind you would blow as a kid on sunny days in the park. Dreamy!

To get to the next room, you walked through a hallway with those hanging beads, remember those? The kind Britney was surrounded by for her Oops I Did it Again album cover.


Next, there was a designer version of a McDonald’s playroom with a huge pit of balls. Lauren & I dove right in. Well, I kind of pushed her in. Same difference.

The next room was our fave! It was the most #PFG thing ever. If you’re not sure what that means it’s okay, I explain it right here. Check out this stunning room. Complete with dreamy neon lights!

Of course The Spice Girls’ Stop was playing when we were grooving in this room. Yes, we do know every word…

Next up, a room entirely covered in Lucky Charms & Trix boxes. The epitome of nostalgia. So cute!

Okay this one really hit home – remember the glow in the dark star & moon stickers you RUINED your ceiling with as a kid? Yes, there was a tribute room for all the fallen stars. Incredible.

Backstreet Boys’ Everybody played when we were in here and we had a dance party! Too good.

On to the last room was the softest, cuddliest room ever. Pretty sure it’s the nap room. Throwing it wayyy back to being an actual baby and only caring about stuffies and sleeps.

Awww, look at that face.

We had an absolute blast, tysm to the HideSeek team for having us! We had a laughing fit the whole way through.

You can tell that everyone working there really loves their job too. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Definitely go check it out if you’re in Montreal!

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