There are over 300,000 of you following us on Instagram, and our community is growing every day. Social media isn’t a popularity contest, it’s a platform where you can share who you are and what you care about. Having a voice and an online community to share it with is an incredible privilege, one that we are thankful for. We want to thank YOU for making everything we do possible.

WE ARE THE FUTURE does not feature models, and it’s not about the latest trends… it’s about you. A generation that knows that imperfection is beauty, and truth is the motto.

WE ARE THE FUTURE is about being true and authentic. It’s about embracing who you really are, loving yourself unconditionally, and growing into the person you aspire to be.

Life is precious and limited; spend your days being your true self and you’ll never regret a thing. Live a color(full) life, and never look back!

We are SO happy to introduce the four incredible women who star in this campaign.

Marsha Elle, 26-year-old singer, bionic model, and amputee from Haiti

How we met…

Vanessa, social media specialist

One day, like any other, I opened the DMs when I woke up – a bad habit, I know – and we had the sweetest message from this girl about her new pair of Ardene shoes that she snagged for a sweet deal. I checked out her profile and about an hour later, realized I had stalked almost every post of Marsha’s.

I was amazed by her energy and positivity, it came through in each photo and caption. I knew we had to work with her!

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Jess of Choosing Chia, 29-year-old food blogger from Montreal

How we met…

Alissa, social media manager

Over the past 2-3 years, I’ve been making major efforts to cook at home and eat cleaner. There’s so much out there in the form of help; from Pinterest and Instagram to personalized meal plans. I was overwhelmed. I was venting to a friend about the struggle in the face of too much choice, and she suggested following Choosing Chia.

Her posts are so stunning they actually made me excited to follow her recipes. That was the jumpstart I needed! Her recipes look complicated only because the photos are so beautiful, once you start following its simple (and so delicious).

Shop her cozy grey cardigan here.

Tuedon, 23-year-old contemporary circus artist from Vancouver 

How we met…

Melanie, brand specialist

Tuedon’s story about leaving Vancouver at the age of 15 to chase her dreams spoke to me. She left family and security behind, to dedicate all her time in to practicing her craft and getting recruited by Montreal’s Cirque Eloise. She jumped into the unknown, and she did it alone. Such a brave move!

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Kallitechnis, 26-year-old singer, song-writer and dancer from Montreal

How we met…

Sydney, social media specialist

I met Kalli at a photo shoot in January of 2018. I had been following her for 2-3 years on Instagram and tbh I was totally crushing – on her voice, music, and general goddess vibes. I loved watching her stories on IG because she always posts ‘colors to get lost in’ a series of how she feels based on color. It was something I could really relate to. I was super stoked about the opportunity to style her.

When we were brainstorming about WE ARE THE FUTURE, I thought of her creative, youthful soul right away.

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Learning from these four authentic women taught us so much about ourselves. To inspire, you must be inspired. Every day is a new chance to create the you you want to be. That road trip you’ve been dreaming of going on? Do it. That open mic night you’re afraid of? Sign up. That marketing job you thought was too good for you? It isn’t. Whatever is on your list – boss up and cross it off. The future is YOUR time to shine baby.

Check out @ardene’s Instagram this week to find out how these boss babes are building their dream careers, one brick at a time.

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    Absolutely LOVING this 🙌 In a world that we feel immense pressure to achieve perfection, it is so refreshing to see Ardene supporting and encourage women to embrace their true selves (because that IS perfection!) Cannot wait to see more of this ♥️


    Love this!! Such real & inspiring content

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