We Culture

We’re a proudly Canadian company, and we’ve been creating innovative collections and campaigns for 37 years. This year, we wanted to bring together our community, our fans, the Ardene babes & everyone out there, to celebrate love, to spread positivity, and to stand together – empowered and united.

Welcome to We Culture.

A place where we thrive when we’re together, united as a community. A space where everyone belongs.

We’re so proud of this campaign, and who better to speak to it than our incredible, inspiring, and talented cast of young women!  We asked them, what does we culture mean to you?

“I believe in our generations capacity and power to make a change in the world.” – @demiplaras

“My hopes for the future are that young people can grow up in a world where everything is possible.”@alanis.desilets

“My hope for the future is that people are non-judgemental of each other and show kindness.”@luna.lindsay

“I have faith in love. When we are honest with each other – it creates a space for us to be ourselves”@peace.upon.faith

“I believe we all have the strength to overcome the hardships we are going through. We are all born to rise.” – @aiesharobinson_

“We culture is people coming together around issues to support one another and create positive change.” – @aiesharobinson_

“What inspires me are people who seek fulfillment in every area of their lives.”@cindycournoyer

“I believe if you have a dream – you can 100% achieve it.” – @luna.lindsay

Head to @ardene‘s IGTV to learn more about #WECULTURE ❤️ 💛 💙 💚

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