WIN a retreat in Bali for you + a friend with Pangea Dreams x Ardene 🌴☀️

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Good luck babes 😘




    Thank you so much


    Myself and my friend Kim could both really use a vacation. She’s about to have a surgery and this would be the perfect way to recuperate.

  3. TISHK

    I would love to go with @hatawizadpanah ! I think I should win because it’s my birthday on the 21 and I’ve never been out of the country! 💖💗


    I really want go to to this trip 💕


    All I can say is that it sounds like an opportunity of a life time and all those places visited have been in my things I have always wanted to do. I have never really travelled and feel I missed out on living the dream. If I don’t win this. I would like more opportunities to enter more contests like this. It is really a great thing you are doing. Age is just a number, my enthusiasm and spirit is forever young. Thank you.


    OMG! This is exactly what be and my BFF need in our lives right now. A chance to get some wellness while learning more about how we can help business thrive in an ever changing world. This is a chance of a life time 🤩after all we have to keep making more money to keep up with our Ardene addiction !❤@nicris1011


    I would so love this getaway, it sounds like such a fabulous experience.  Who wouldn’t love to use your 500 gift card to shop away for clothes to bring on your vacation?  This place is a dream come true and though i hope to be there when i retire, I am hoping to do something when I retire in 3 years as a business and this would be great opportunity to see what might be needed when i enter the next phase in life.  Thanks so much for the. Chance.


    I would love to win and take my best friend because she doesn’t live near me and we need a vacation together!


    Me and Jojo Tanguay need to go to Bali!!!!


    Avec mon amie kathy!!


    How wonderful a trip to Bali would be ! I am REALLY in need of a girl’s getaway !!


    Go with catou


    With my friend guylaine giguere..we re never been to the other side of the ocean..i love ardene..i buy my and christmas gifts in your store..guylaine and i are best friend since high school….i m 52 (20 february) and guylaine 51 in may…..thank you


    i would love to bring my sister, she has just gone through a terrible divorce and truly deserves a break. I would bring my daughter as she is a beautiful young woman with a kind heart, she is extremly talented young woman, who has many gifts, she recently took up photography and has become very good!! she does this as a second job now! I would also bring my niece whom, is a young mom to 3 great kids!! we all share a special family bond!


    I want to win this trip because I love your company, you Gus have awesome clothes and I love you guys so much. I literally want all your clothes when I go into your store. I would love to have this experience because I love travelling and this would be a trip of a life time!! Love you guys ❤️❤️

  16. BREE

    I would love to take this trip with my friend Brielle, I am a budding graphic designer and would love to use this to get insight into the influencer and online communities! Not to mention getting to experience the beauti of bali! It has been on mine and Brielle’s bucket list for YEARS! 🙂


    I think me and my sister should go because we always are close together. Me and my sister have been out of the country once! And it wasn’t the best. I have the flu and gave it to her so it wasn’t fun and we drove the hole way. So I was really hopping I could win this and go on the trip with her❤️❤️


    HI, I would love to experience the New culture, food and music. I would take my daughter or my sister.
    We all would appreciate a girls getaway. Winter has been long and too cold. Thanks a bunch. We are all
    Very creative and talented so learning is always a
    Good thing.


    I would take @nancyabowman, we can continue our “Adventures”…. Lol, she’ll get that! This would be amazing….. Fingers crossed 🤞


    I would love to win and take my friend Miranda. She and I really deserve a vacation. We’ve never really been anywhere as friends and we’ve been friends since we were 5&6 and she deserves it the most. She’s a single mother of two and hasn’t been anywhere or pampered in her life. I’d love to give her this gift and also be a part of it and have life long memories that we both will cherish forever.


    This is an excellent way to share my passion. I could learn so much on this trip and have a life lesson no school can offer. I promise I’ll excel if I win.


    I would love to take win this trip as I always wanted to go to Bali!! It is on my bucket list and my time is running out for travel. I am 74 years young,in good health but that could change any day. I would take my sisters-in-law with me as she loves to travel and she has mentioned how she would love to go to Bali!! She is interested in photography and would love the training!!


    I would bring my sister Tamara Terleski. It would be such a wonderful getaway for her since she is always working and taking care of her family. Her birthday is March 13th, so she couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift!!


    I would absolutely love to go with my bestfriend on this trip. It would be a great start to my dreams of always going into modelling and finally putting myself out there. Definitely going to Bali would be a never before experience that can totally allow myself and my bestfriend to truly learn and understand this whole new world and culture never seen before in which can humble ourselves. Im a huge fan of yoga so this would be a great time for me to truly gain my inner piece in a foreign environment. This is an oppurtunity I would not want to miss.

  25. SHELBS

    I would love to go on this trip with my sister! She just had her second – 2 boys under 2 – and has been so stressed out. Of course her life revolves around her family, but it would be wonderful if she could spend some time relaxing, and getting reconnected with herself too! Please pick us 🙂


    The best friend I would go with would be my mother. that is always with me It would be perfect this trip to enjoy together !! Lol J’aime beaucoup ma mère


    Hello again! We really need this trip Ardene please me and my friend Rosie ❤️ I think I deserve to win because lately I’ve been stressed with so much exams and studying late nights and my friend just got out a very bad break up we really need it and want it love from me p.s Maria

  28. JULIE

    I would love to take my best friend, and my mom to celebrate my college graduation! 👩🏼‍🎓

  29. MINA

    I’m graduating this year after 5 long years in business school. I’ll love to win this trip and take my best friend with me !!

  30. AMANDA

    I plan on bringing my best friend! We both just started working and have been trying to plan a getaway, but are struggling to put together the funds ($) this would be so perfect!! Fingers crossed and thanks Ardene!!


    I would take this gal because she my best friend and always will be.


    Me and my friend Bhavika would really like to go since she has never traveled before I would love to take her here.


    Me and my friend could really use this vacation!! We would be so happy and she has nevert travelled I woulf love to take her.


    It would be the best time to be in a happy warm place with your besties. We would truly ger to think, relax, rest, rejuvenate, release and refuel from all the daily stresses and traumas.


    Il would love to sexe IT before i passe woth my Friend Linda


    My bestie Rhonda. She’s had a rough year and a adventure would do her good

  37. COURT

    This is an amazing opportunity!! Thank you so much for making this awesome vacation possible ♥️ Lots of love!


    I Would go with my best friends who is my mommy! She is the greatest person on earth! She as the biggest hearth i’ve ever known! She is doing so much for me and all the people around her, even if her life is so difficult right now. She as so much worries with her job and with her daughter (not me, but my sister) so it would be a great opportunity for her to escape all of this for a week and finally take Time for herself which is not something she is doing alot! It would be one of my way to thank her for everything and it Will be the chance for us have an amazing mom/daughter moment togheter! It would give us the chance to make pause on our life routine and just enjoy the beautiful things life can brings us sometimes!
    Well thank you for the amazing contest 😊

  39. DAPHNE

    J’espère de tout coeur que la sélection sera par pige . Nous avons grandement besoin de vacance et de plus , il est rare que des quebecoises sont choisies.

  40. SONIA B

    I would take my husband in this trip, we love eco chic, and Bali + yoga and meditation sounds like a once in a life experience!!! Just celebrated our 10year wedding anniversary and this trip would be the perfect way to celebrate our love ❤️.

  41. ESHIKA

    I would love the opportunity to go tot his amazing trip with my gurl @403.prabhjot. We do everything together,we’re sisters from another mister. It would mean so much if I could take her on this trip with me if we win, she is just an awesome person. And I feel that some people may have been stressed or stuff but that’s not why I want to win this trip. I want it to become more closer with my bff and have the time of our life’s

  42. ESHIKA

    I would like to have the opportunity to go this trip with my gurl @403.prabhjot. I really want this because alongside being 1st cousins we’re best friends. I just really feel like we aren’t as close as we used to be and drifted but i want to become more closer like we once were before. I feel that winning this trip would be huge and mean a lot to me and her. I know my reasoning isn’t as touching as others, but it’s real and I would be honoured to have this chance. Thx!


    Would love ❤️

  44. JANICE

    I would love to take my dear friend Valerie on this trip .She has been my friend forever and has always been there to talk to and to laugh with . This trip would be our time to make new memories .

  45. LINZI

    This is an amazing opportunity! I am currently developing an ambitious business plan with an incredible and kind boss-babe, Amanda! We are aiming to launch a platform to empower self-idententifying girlx and womxn to grow into their power. We will be focusing on all spectrums of health (physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, spiritual). Our goal is to create an accessible community that promotes inclusivity, self actualization, and body positivity.
    Teaming up with Ardene and Pangea Dreams is exactly the next step that we need to prepare ourselves to launch our community in an online space.
    Thank you so much for running this contest and including such valuable and enriching programming! ❤️🙌🏻


    Would love to go on this trip to Bali with @brookethrasher and @meganashleythrasher.
    Thank you for the awesome contest @Ardenbabeclub

  47. JULIE M.

    My last vacation was one year ago: i will love too win. I go with my friend cathou


    I would take my partner in crime and best friend, my sister Monica. My sister has done so much for me, she is always there when I need her. I would love to be able to surprise her with and amazing gift like this.
    Thank you 🙂


    My junior school friend has only just moved to Toronto and we are reunited after more than 10 years. This would be the perfect getaway for us! She’s not even on Instagram but I hope to change her mind if we win this trip 🤫🤩😉


    Would love to win and take my 19 year old daughter with me. Have never been on a trip together and she has agreed to go with me. Like when does that happen!? Chance to grow closer as mother and daughter.

  51. KENDRA

    Would love to take my cousin Shara, she has been through a lot of ups & downs this past couple years but through it all she just keeps on smiling & taking care of her beautiful family❤️


    This sounds like an incredible opportunity! I would love to go with my best friend Emily!! Emily and I have known each other for almost 7 years! She is an incredibly talented social media specialist, and is currently working for a well established real estate company in there social media department. She has also decided to take on the entrepreneurial path to start her own business, offering her services to established and up and coming businesses in Toronto. I myself have worked with her in the past as I am a singer/song-writer! I to have experience working in the social media industry and have a constant drive to continue to learn the ways! We both have experience in photo shoots in front of the camera and have quite the knack for photography as well. We have both recently invested in beautiful cameras to continue with the hobby! But to know the trip could teach even more to us to become the best that we can be in these aspects would be an incredible opportunity! The two of us constantly work at leading healthy lifestyles, with excellent eating and yoga/gym fitness schedules to relieve stress and have our bodies working for us at their highest potential! Please consider the two of us for this opportunity! We do nothing but work to empower each other as we work towards our dreams and empower the beautiful woman around us!


    This would be the trip of a lifetime ❤️ I would take my best friend who is my sister Serena Eisenhauer with me. We don’t see each other often living in different provinces, but this would be a special boding time for the two of us. I haven’t been anywhere in years raising three children ❤️


    This would be a dream come true!!! My passion and dream is to visit Bali to experience a higher level of mediation and start an epic adventure with my camera. I have not travelled to any place like this because I was a single parent but now I have the opportunity to do so. It would change my universe to be able to visit Bali.

  55. SUSAN

    This would be a dream come true!!! My passion and dream is to visit Bali to experience a higher level of mediation and start an epic adventure with my camera. I have not travelled to any place like this because I was a single parent but now I have the opportunity to do so. It would change my universe to be able to visit Bali.


    Fingers crossed !!This would be a dream come true!!

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