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WE ARE THE FUTURE features four incredible women who are all about living authentically and following their passion. Marsha Elle, Jess from Choosing Chia, Tuedon, and Kallitechnis are inspiring souls making moves towards a bright future.

Get to know them here.

They let you ask them anything on Instagram over the weekend. See what they answered!

Marsha Elle singer-songwriter, bionic model and amputee

@beautifulprincessnyc – Can you share how you became an amputee?

I was born with PFFD which means that my leg never fully developed. I had a Symes amputation at the age of 13.

@neka.nicole – What advice would you give someone struggling with self-image?

First of all, I’d say you are beautiful. Secondly, I’d recommend reciting positive affirmations every day to remind yourself. 

@mynames_caitlin – When or what made you feel confident? Were you ever insecure?

Music gave me a voice to express myself, which gave me confidence. It made me feel that I had a purpose. 

Modeling made me fearless (I was terrified when I started showing my leg). I was very insecure growing up. I hid under baggy clothing and was pretty much a loner because I felt ashamed of my prosthetic leg. 

@katiannainnello – Was there a turning point in your life where you thought, I’m not going to let this stop me?

This is a very candid answer, one I’ve never really shared. In a nutshell, I was 14 and went to a healing crusade. Came home in tears because my leg did not “grow out”… I cried for 3 hours, but then, there was a calm and I heard a voice say “I’m going to use this (my leg) to make you great”. To this day, that moment is was drives to me to push past my obstacles.  

@estellemimi – How do you balance your career and social life?

LOL, I’m a workaholic by nature so I have to intentionally set times to decompress and hang out with loved ones. 

@andrewbeckner – If you could go back, what would you tell 18-year-old you?

Don’t worry too much about what you can’t control. And that you are loved more than you know. 

@pauly_michel – What is your goal for 2019? 

To land a major acting role and a luxury ad campaign!

@jeremy02g – What’s something you would tell the young generation seeking success in life?

Be brave, be relentless about your dreams and do everything with love!

Jess, Choosing Chia food blogger and content creator

@janafrancesca_ktl – Is choosing chia your full-time job? What were you doing before?

Yes it is! I’ve been working on Choosing Chia full time for 2 years now! Before I used to work in marketing at a fashion company. 

@nina.grell – Is it possible to make a living off of blogging?

Absolutely! It takes hard work and dedication, but I’ve been working full time as a blogger for 2 years now.

@ariellebenz – Any tips for someone interested in going vegetarian? I’m worried about protein.

There are tons of great sources of plant-based protein! Make sure to incorporate lots of nuts, seeds, legumes, and beans into your diet as well things like tofu and tempeh. Having great vegetarian recipes to follow helps a lot. If you add these to each meal you’ll get plenty of protein. – What do you suggest adding to smoothies for better digestion?

Pineapple and papaya are two of the best to add to smoothies to help with digestion! I love adding a small piece of ginger too, and of course, chia seeds with are loaded with fiber and omega-3s! 

@a_mum_journey_to_fit – Do you go through periods of eating well and then not, or are you pretty balanced?

One important thing I’ve learned about “eating well” is finding a balance that works for you. I used to go through periods of eating well, and then not eating well and I would restrict certain foods.

I’ve found balance by enjoying all foods and making sure nothing is off-limits. This means salads are great, but so are cookies! I incorporate plenty of fruits and veggies into my diet and then always allow myself to have cookies or pizza if I want!

@dailytreatsbyjessi – What is your biggest goal?

I’d love to continue to grow the Choosing Chia blog and sharing recipes that help people on their wellness journey. I’d also love to write a cookbook. 

Kallitechnis singer-songwriter and dancer

@kaotik619 – Who is your dream collab? 

Anderson Paak

@claireeds0 – Favourite artist of all time? 


@jordblm – What’s your sign? I adore your music! I feel like it expands my heart. 

My sun and moon are both in Taurus! 

@kxrabo – What’s your favorite song that you’ve written so far? 


@isabelleyoungmusic – What is your writing flow? Every day, or as it comes to you? 

I’ll jot down phrases that I find pretty/poetic daily, but I’ll only write fully fleshed out songs in the studio. I like taking in the energy of that given moment and putting it into the song, as well as vibing off of the producer I’m working with.

I also like the pressure of writing in a session. It really gets my heart pumping, and I find the challenge in performing on the spot brings out the best in me, as it gives less time for overanalyzing (which I tend to naturally do a lot). 

@j.walker23 – Are you working on an album? 

I’m working on a project called TECHNICOLOUR to be released in the fall! 

@melanade_rojo_7 – Where was the first place you performed? 

The first place I performed as KALLITECHNIS was at Honey Martin, a small pub in Montreal with good vibes and warm lighting! (:

@soulful6ixteen – Any advice for someone who’s tapping into their creative side? 

Throw your(self) into the art form and move as uninhibitedly as you can. You’ll only thrive in your respective craft once you eliminate fear. Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of your own potential, lose that sh*t!

Now we have a question for YOU: What’s something you want to do now that your future self will thank you for?

It can be as simple as meal-prepping every Sunday so you eat healthy all week or as complex as spending more time alone to reflect on what your 2020 life goals are.

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